Just like before, you can find TSM’s official site here.

The eternal fan-favorite (rivaled only by CLG and C9), TSM has held an impressive run of dominance in the NA LCS these past few splits. One of the oldest organizations in the LCS, and one of the league’s most vocal members (led by owner Reginald), TSM has a history of success and excellence. Personally I have always found them difficult to like (completely irrelevant of my own love for C9), but their recent performance, increasingly likable and open personalities, and enjoyment they show for the game has led me to reconsider the team. While I maintain that their followers make up the most obnoxious fanbase when together in a group (remember the TSM chants at worlds after their elimination; in a game between two Korean teams?), the players have become an incredible group to watch work.

Led by longtime veteran Bjergsen in the mid lane, the team looks to return their adc, Doublelift, to his lane partner Biofrost and push towards another LCS Championship (and hopefully more). Short of a disastrous finishing weeks and playoff run, TSM should be able to lock in their World Championship seed with ease- and then look to outperform their disappointing showing last year. Of course, this will require TSM to play to their full potential as well, and not underestimate their opponents again. The best example of this overconfidence was their recent performance against Dignitas, where the team trusted in their ability to outplay their opponents and ignored the massive meta shifts. Hauntzer especially, instead of showing up as the threatening toplane powerhouse he has grown into, was next to useless against the strength of Ssumday’s renowned Maokai. Although he has looked a lot stronger in recent weeks, Svenskeren will also need to make sure he doesn’t slip into obscurity for TSM to continue winning. Hauntzer and Sven have both proven they have what it takes to take games over just like Bjergsen and Doublelift- they just need to step up their consistency.