Phoenix 1

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Phoenix 1: their record over the past couple of splits has been nothing short of astounding, bouncing from 1 win in a split to the most hyped team to bottom third of the standings. Despite their inconsistency, however, Phoenix 1 has consistently displayed a positive attitude, always keeping their heads up and looking to improve. Despite being a lower tier team, they consistently manage decent numbers in the fan vote, and who doesn’t love their superstar rookie Mike “InsertRandomMemeHere” Yeung? It’s hard not to like Phoenix 1 despite their record, and I personally find myself rooting for them in those games they don’t play against Cloud 9 or Fly Quest.

In all seriousness though, MikeYeung’s arrival brought with it a revitalization of the team, where they piggybacked off of his decisive and carry-centric play to show up big at Rift Rivals. Unfortunately, the team has been unable to recreate that success domestically as they continue to struggle in NA. Phoenix 1, if they want to continue to have the same impact they had in Europe, need to either fully learn the new tank jungle meta, or continue to put MikeYeung back on carry junglers. Even now, in the midst of Maokai, Zac, and Gragas picks, Phoenix 1 find the most success when they manage to get MikeYeung on champions like Nidalee or Elise. While they have found some success placing him on more meta picks, he doesn’t take over the game in the same way. And unfortunately for MikeYeung, the team needs him to do more than play well. They need him to carry as hard as he can if they want to win. The team certainly has the potential to once again begin their rise from the ashes (Arrow’s teamfighting remains excellent), but it’ll take a lot of hard work and re-examination of what kind of team they want to be.