Cloud 9

Going forward, I’ll include a link to each team’s own site, for some even more biased content (and a far more detailed history and background). Check out Cloud 9 here.

Seems apt enough to start here. I won’t try to hide it, these guys have been my favorite team since I began watching the LCS. My friend recommended following Cloud 9 and Curse (I still follow Voyboy regularly), and Cloud 9 were the ones who ended up being the most fun. They’ve had a series of consistent rosters, lasting with mostly a core group of players and a couple big switches. Sneaky remains the longest tenured player on the team, and fan favorites Hai, Meteos, Balls, and LemonNation have been swapped out for the current iteration- with all except Meteos now forming the backbone of Fly Quest.

Running with carry potential in every lane (particularly Jensen at mid) the team has no shortages of victory conditions they can play to. Having showcased Contractz’s ability to control the game almost entirely on his own from the jungle and letting Sneaky scale into a late game monster, they have clear options. Contractz’s most recent efforts in Week Seven involved dedicating time and resources to Impact in the top lane, and provided the team with two potent tanks with which to exert their early lead.

Moving into the last few weeks of the season, opponents will need to look out for a diversified gameplan, with Cloud 9 already proving that they don’t need to put all of their eggs in the Jensen basket to find victory. With the potential for both total jungle control or ever present ganks, Contractz can surprise teams at every turn- especially paired with Smoothie’s roaming mechanical plays. With Reapered’s skill during the pick/ban phase, Cloud 9 should be a potent contender for their playoff run. However, a recent history of underperformance and ill players has led to lowered expectations, and the team needs to ensure they play to their potential if they want to win. Despite his dominance in lane, Jensen needs to not let his lane matchup snowball the other lanes out of control. By managing not to fall into too large of a deficit, Cloud 9 should be able to close out most games that they haven’t already snowballed to victory.