Counter Logic Gaming

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So, CLG. With these guys, we finish up our overview of the big three teams who have dominated the North American LCS scene for so long. Most teams have a sort of personality you can get a feel for through their interviews, the snippets shared of comms, and the way players talk about their experience. CLG embodies this by making themselves a team that focuses on a positive play environment, where individual play and ego is supposed to take a backseat to working together. In fact, it was this exact personality which led CLG to part ways with jungler Dardoch- you can read my thoughts on that development here (or check out CLG’s official statement). They’ve always been a team that looks for top-of-the-standings contention, despite being edged out by TSM recently. With their penchant for last minute turnarounds and action packed play, they’re always a team to follow if you need some dependable excitement in your viewing, and it’s why I typicallt root for them when my favorite teams aren’t their opponents.

Much like TSM and Bjergsen, CLG found large fan following from well-known faces. The explosive botlane of Aphromoo and Doublelift (a longtime fixture of the CLG roster) was widely regarded as the best in North America, and many argued for its superiority internationally as well. Until, that is, Doublelift moved to TSM a year ago, and the most well-known name on CLG became Aphromoo. Thankfully for them, Aphro has managed to maintain similar (although not as consistent) success with his current ADC, Stixxay.