If you’ve read my “about” page or bio, you know that I make no claims on being an extraordinary player. Why in Marc Merrill’s holy name, then, would I assume to present my opinions on the following champions as deserving to be listened to? Well, for each champion I discuss, I’ll mention some specifics as to where I’m coming from experientially, but overall these are champions that I have some degree of experience on. And on those I’m not even successful on- well, we all learn the most from our failures, right? And I’m damn familiar with failure, so I know how to analyze it well.

That being said, I do hope to provide a little more insight than “don’t do this, you’ll lose”. And it is for that reason that I intend to stick to champions I know- although I’ll likely try to coerce some people I know who understand other styles quite a bit better than me to share some tips. So, keep your eyes open for updates to this list!