Looking Forward to Semi-Finals

I’m back! It took me a bit longer with Revive being removed from the game, but despite this extended absence, I’m back from the dead. Just in time, too. I’ve cried out most of my disappointment from North America’s performance this year, and I’m willing to look at this tournament with a slightly less biased […]

LCS Week 8 Recap

With another satisfying weekend on the LCS wrapped up, let’s take a moment to review what happened- who won, who lost, and who should be happy even though they lost. Even without finding victories, a few teams this week should take heart with their improved appearances, with some taking games off top teams, and others […]

Urgot: revived and reworked

Well, after much anticipation, begging, and crossed fingers, Urgot has finally been reworked and released in patch 7.15. You can take a look at his champion spotlight here. Unfortunately, while he does come with all new splash arts, in game models, abilities, and voicelines- he’s still missing the one thing we all secretly pined for. […]

More Toxic than Noxus

With the recent roster movement of Dardoch from Counter Logic Gaming to Team Liquid (for those not yet in the know, Liquid Dardoch), it seems like an apt time to discuss one of League of Legends’ largest problems. We’ve all been in that ranked game (and more often in normal as well, unfortunately) where things […]

Hai Quest

I know, I know, it’s super corny and not very original. But then again, that feels fitting for a team whose biggest claim to fame is that they’re an old iteration of a fan favorite. As disparaging as that sounds, I don’t want to give the wrong impression- I love Fly Quest. Most of that […]

Cloud 9’s Future

Despite their recent poor showing in week six, Cloud 9 looks to have upped their game and turned themselves around. Even following a thoroughly embarassing loss to Team Envy (don’t get me wrong, Envy played an excellent series. Cloud 9’s performance was  underwhelming in light of their previous week five triumph over TSM), Cloud 9 […]

Confusion in LCS standings

As foreign as it feels, we’ve now finished off the seventh week of the Summer Split, yet we still don’t have a clear impression of how the top teams really stack up. While most people would agree that Immortals currently edge out the rest of the competition, the next four or so spots feel far […]