Urgot: revived and reworked

Well, after much anticipation, begging, and crossed fingers, Urgot has finally been reworked and released in patch 7.15. You can take a look at his champion spotlight here. Unfortunately, while he does come with all new splash arts, in game models, abilities, and voicelines- he’s still missing the one thing we all secretly pined for. Despite the egregious lack of any new or sparkle-studded Star Guardian Urgot, this new iteration of the beloved-by-some crab makes for a far more healthy playing experience than the old iteration. No longer will players have to fear being hit with one skillshot as a lead in to a barrage that melts through any target. Instead, they’ll be faced with a one-man arsenal of slows, shotgun bursts, drills, chains, and meat grinder style executions. This new ultimate (the combination drill and meat grinder) is perhaps the most satisfying aspect of Urgot’s kit to successfully use,- yet also the least satisfying to play against. If an enemy Urgot connects the first part of the ultimate in a fight, and you proceed to escape with anything below 25% health by the end of the three seconds, you’ll be dragged kicking and screaming back to your death, no matter how far you managed to flee. Playing Taric last night, I found the execute even occurred with my ultimate active. I was not executed, but was pulled in for the normal duration of the execute, and then placed right next to Urgot with less than 100 health. Though the implications of having no hope for escape certainly fits with Urgot’s theme- I was terrified of him the entire game- the counter play frustrates much of how I like to play.

The rest of his kit does feel well designed, with each skill working well with the others. His q, with its delayed activation slow and damage, allows for an easier setup to land his delayed e, the charge ‘n flip. The strafe of his w, combined with the directional element of his passive, allows for a consistent damage output if you can direct different sides of Urgot at the enemy. This requirement fits in with his e quite well, as flipping a champion with your w active will slam them in front of another shotgun-knee eruption for bonus damage. While I have very little experience on our new crab overlord, he seems to build like a scrappy bruiser (think gnar, I’ve seen quite a few Black Cleavers>Frozen Mallet builds) as opposed to the old quasi tanky/ poke damage with an ultimate that encourage jumping into the team. The rework seems to have solidified Urgot’s identity, with his barrage of slows, flips, and consistent damage output leading him to prefer sitting in the middle of a fight as much as Garen likes camping bushes. The immense execute range built into his ultimate means Urgot never feels so far out of the game that he can’t contribute- he’ll just need a little boost from teammates to get someone below 25%.

My experience playing against this new Urgot is fairly limited at the moment, restricted to a game floundering as Taric in the bottom lane and playing as a Kayn so far ahead that it might as well have been practice dummies instead of champions. Honestly, neither allows for me to make either an accurate or nuanced decision about what he’s like to face off against. Playing as Taric, he felt oppressive (mostly because I couldn’t save my adc by ulting), and as Kayn, no one stayed alive long enough for there to be a real analysis (I’m loving full assassin Kayn right now by the way, edginess be damned). He feels like the type of champion that poses a threat when he has the itemization to survive fights, as his ultimate typically takes time to reach the execute threshold- and the w deals a steady stream of damage that takes time to unleash.

Graphically, no one can question how successful this update is. Instead of the occult following who enjoyed the bad visuals of the old Crabgot, Urgot now boasts three new terrific splash arts. In fact, Giant Enemy Crabgot has gone from a laughably bad evil villain style to towering sea horror looming over a ship. Battlecast lives up to the one-man army of rockets, machine guns, and explosives, while Butcher no longer looks like a sad and forgotten lump of rotten meat squeezed into a champion model. Overall, this looks like it’s shaping up into another successful champion rework for Riot- and everyone wins again with this one too.

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