Hai Quest

I know, I know, it’s super corny and not very original. But then again, that feels fitting for a team whose biggest claim to fame is that they’re an old iteration of a fan favorite. As disparaging as that sounds, I don’t want to give the wrong impression- I love Fly Quest. Most of that comes from having looked up to Hai for so long though, so I’m angling this post to focus more on the man who holds the team together: the daring leader whose calls make or break the team.

When Fly Quest made their LCS debut, it was to low expectations and derision from analysts (read: Montechristo). Exemplifying the flair for underdog victories which made the core team (Balls, Hai, and, LemonNation) so beloved when they were part of Cloud 9, Fly Quest exceeded expectations and displayed a successful split. While most such successes are team efforts- and this was no exception- the team once again relied on Hai paving their way to victory. More than just his signature shotcalling and gutsy plays to snatch victory from defeat, Hai proved to all that he wasn’t the washed up former pro some accused him of.¬†Pulling out assassin picks more native to solo queue than the LCS, Hai styled on team after team with drafts like Zed.

Now, with Fly Quest facing a whole new split of troubles plaguing the team, they’ll need another miracle turn around. Going into Week Eight makes their job even harder, with their schedule including both Cloud 9 and TSM. While Cloud 9 hasn’t had the strongest showing coming out of Rift Rivals, they are coming out of Week Seven riding high after reverse sweeping Dignitas. TSM, on the other hand, has looked just as dominant as when they won the recent international tournament despite the total loss versus Dignitas. Fly Quest, then, need to pull off an incredible turnaround this week. What better way to facilitate that victory than by riding the power of the most recent patch? With duskblade, lethality, and Zed rolling through solo queue, it would come as no surprise if Hai pulled out the same pick he won so often on last split. Still a tall order, of course, to take a lane lead over either of the two midlaners widely regarded as the best in the role. So while we can expect Hai to put up an explosive and exciting matchup as he tries to revitalize the flailing Fly Quest, he has his work cut out for him. Whatever the outcome, it should be a great weekend to watch both of Fly Quest’s games.

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